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The old school building of NPS was an 'L-shaped wooden structure' that stretched from the 'convento' to the old quadrangle.  The first classrooms and offices were part of the parish convent.  The old buildings, however, have been replaced by concrete ones. 


The old building of NPS was attached to the Cathedral Convent.  The current reception area of the convento used to be a classroom and an office. The groundfloor of the main building was made of concrete materials while the upper portion was made of wooden materials.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Nicanor C. Belleza, V.G.,P.A.

Msgr. Nic Belleza was the second director of NPS, succeeding Msgr. Porfirio Ramin.   He was concurrently the Parish Priest of the Metropolitan Cathedral.  He was a big man with a booming voice.  He led the school for 33 years.  It was during his term, in the year 1983, that NPS undertook accreditation with PAASCU, at a time, when only a few school engaged in accreditation.   

NPS alumni would remember his birthdays with free shows at then Bichara Theatre.

The picture shows him standing at what was called NPS Quadrangle.

He passed away December of  1983.

Pupils assemble at the Quadrangle

The NPS pupils would assemble at the Quadrangle for the morning rituals, communal activities, programs, etc.

Sinite parvulos venire ad me. (Mk. 10:14)

Registrar's Office / Guidance Office: 054-206-1683 

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