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Our Pre-School Department

The NPS Pre-School Department is composed of the Nursery 1 (ages 3-4 years old), Nursery 2 (ages 4-5 years old) and KIndergarten (ages 5-6 years old) classes.

The Pre-School Department offers a variety of activities and learning experiences to children in view of  holistic learning and development.

In the Pre-School Department children are assisted and guided to gradually improve their motor skills and to develop their basic skills in literacy, numeracy and language.   

Pre-School Class.jpg
Pre-School Class 2.jpg

Early initiation into the Christian life is done through the Christian Living Education.  The children are taught basic human values in view of preparing them for the 21st Century environment and culture.

For inquiries, see our contact details below.   Thank you!

Registrar's Office / Guidance Office: 054-206-1683 

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