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A Journey to the Past

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Calling all NPS ALUMNI and Friends.  Please help us with our Project.

We are dedicating a space where our story can be stored, retrieved and told.  A place which alumni, former teachers, guests can visit, live and re-live the past.  With initial help from some of our alumni, we have already initiated  the work. 
NPS Batch 1983, headed by Mr. Toti Cordial and Fr. Rex Alarcon,
spearheads the project.  
We are inviting alumni, former parents, teachers and friends
to be our partners to realize this dream.   
We are in need of funds to complete the project.
We would very much appreciate your help and generosity.
You may also donate in kind, e.g., computers, air-conditioner,
smart tv, etc. We are also collecting old pictures, toys,
important memorabilia for exhibit purposes. Please contact us for details.
Donors will be acknowledged in the documentation and exhibits.

Help and Support the NPS Heritage Room Project

Do you want to help? Call us at 054-4733603

Email us at:

Planning the Heritage Room


Before the Work


Sealing the back wall.


Dismantling the Windows

Installation of the ceiling joist

Preparing the Ceiling


Knocking down the front wall in view of a new design.

Front wall 3.jpg
Front Wall.jpg

Installing electrical wires.

Electric Wires 2.jpg

First coat for the walls.

Wall painted.jpg

Installing Tiles on the Front Wall

Tiling the Front.jpg
Tiling the Front 2.jpg
Tiling the Front 3.jpg

Tiling the Floor

October 2018 - tiles and sockets.jpg

Electrical Works

Heritage Oct 2018 wires.jpg

Installing the Doors

October 2018 - wiring works.jpg
October 2018 - from inside.jpg

Installing the Door Locks

Electrical Work Continued

October 2018 - lock installation.jpg
Nov 2018 - Electrical Works.jpg
October 2018 - front view.jpg
Ceiling Partly installed.jpg
Ceiling Installed.jpg
Painting the Ceiling.jpg
Seal Installed.jpg
October 2018 - doors installed.jpg
Ceiling installed 2.jpg
Lights Installed.jpg
Putting the Seal.jpg

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

To the DONORS of our Heritage Room Project, our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your help and support. (See list below.)

Dios mabalos po saindo!

We welcome donations and help.

We also accept donations in kind, like computers, television sets, cabinets. Please contact us for details.



Perfecto Palacio 

An Alumnus from Batch 1954

Rodrigo Pasilaban

Joy Cadiz (Batch 1972)

NPS ALUMNI Batch 1978

Richard Aaron Artuz (Batch 1981)

Ronald Artuz (Batch 1982)

Salvador Jacob (Batch 83)

Aquilles Felipe  (Batch 83) 

Christian Alvarez  (Batch 83)

Jose Bergantin  (Batch 83)

Leonardo Caresosa (Batch 83)

Lito & Marie Gene Almelor  (Batch 83)

Allan Florin (Batch 83)

Dino Reyes  (Batch 83)

Paulus Aureus (Batch 83)

Ms. Nightingale Keyes thru Fr. Nono Alfonso (Batch 83)

Fr. Glenn Ruiz

Apolonio Maleniza (Batch 83)

Glennen Artuz (Batch 83)

Bing Rosales (Batch 83)

Manny Adversario (Batch 83)

Domeng Delvo (Batch 83)

Floro Pelonio (Batch 83)

Eric Razal (Batch 83)

Chino Callo (Batch 83)

NPSAA Board 2018

Labor and In Kind Donors

Engr. Gino Orcine (Batch 83)

Engr. Allan Florin (Batch 83)

Nong Baranuelo (Batch 83)

Gary Pantino (Batch 83) - Television

Toti Cordial (Batch 83)

Noel Villamer (Batch 83)

Registrar's Office / Guidance Office: 054-206-1683 

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