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Social Responsibility




Growth Mindset

Our Core Values: F. I. R. E. S.
  • FAITH    “I strive to be like Jesus.”

• Firm trust and fidelity to God •  Witnessing to the values of Jesus •  Sincere devotion to INA and St. John the Evangelist

  • INTEGRITY    “I walk the talk.  I fulfill my promises.”

• Honesty • Truthfulness • Uprightness • Practicing what one preaches • True to one’s word

  • RESPECT    “I show respect and gain respect. I say no to bullying.”

• Courtesy • Politeness • Sincere obedience towards parents and elders, school authorities and institutions • Good will towards and respect for everyone

  • EXCELLENCE   “I walk the extra mile. I do and give my best."

               • Deep desire and serious effort towards optimal growth in all aspects of life

  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  “I am willing to serve others. I take care of Mother Earth.”

• Social awareness and heightened sensitivity for the marginalized and the needy • Fulfills obligations to the community, country and environment

Registrar's Office / Guidance Office: 054-206-1683 

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