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Welcome to the NPS website!  

The Naga Parochial School is a Catholic School of the Archdiocese of Caceres in Naga City, Philippines. 


Founded 71 years ago in 1947, it is located beside the Metropolitan Cathedral of Naga City, Philippines. (Bicol Region)

For seven decades NPS has contributed to the local community, to the bigger society and to the Church, having produced leaders for the country and the church.  

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NPS believes that the early years of formation and education of a child is crucial and critical.  Thus, ensuring a strong foundation is paramount. A house with strong foundation will not only withstand harsh weather, but is also capable of further enhancements.   Weak foundations, on the contrary,  would mean difficulties in the future.  

Thus, when a child is given a strong and solid foundation through a solid Catholic education and formation, more and greater things can be achieved in his/her later years.   A strong foundation prepares one for a more fruitful life.   

NPS advocates this:  Strong moral, spiritual, intellectual, social foundation will assure children a better future.   Yet we also have to say, that whatever good that has been started at NPS must be continued in the next phases of the educational journey, for growth is obviously never static.


We are, however, aware that building strong foundations is not easy.  It requires hard work, sacrifice, discipline  and certainly trust in the providence of God. 

Believing in the power of God' grace, NPS strives to provide the children and the youth solid foundations upon which other capacities can be built upon. 


We continue to take inspiration from the invitation of Jesus:   "Let the little children come to me' (Mark 10:14), Jesus.

Take some time to check our site. 

Thank you and God bless you!

Fr. Rex Andrew C. Alarcon

Registrar's Office / Guidance Office: 054-206-1683 

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